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Rudolph Brand House
 by: chicago designslinger

 [Rudolph Brand House (1890) Curd H. Gottig, architect /Image & Artwork: chicago designslinger]

When brewer Rudolph Brand built this house on Cedar Street in 1890, the block was lined with rusticated limestone fronted rowhouses. Brand squeezed in a free-standing single family home on a large lot at the end of a row, but he was no stranger to Cedar. His uncle Michael had built on brewery at the other end of the block in 1853, where Rudolph went to work when he arrived in Chicago from Germany in 1868.

  [Rudolph Brand House, 60 E. Cedar Street, Chicago /Image & Artwork: chicago designslinger]

By the time architect Curd H. Gottig drew up the plans for the multi-coned roof and turret, the brewery had relocated farther west and Uncle Mike had constructed a large mansion on the site. Rudolph started his own brewing concern in 1874, but returned to Michael Brand & Company in 1878 and took over the business when his uncle retired in 1889. The name was changed to the United States Brewing Company, and construction began on a house fit for a newly appointed beer company president.

  [Rudolph Brand House, Gold Coast National Historic District, Chicago /Image & Artwork: chicago designsliner]

Brand retired from business in January 1916 because his health was declining and set off to spend the winter in San Diego, CA. where he died on March 25th at the age of 65. Word of his death was sent to his daughter Hedwig, now living at No. 32 Cedar, Michael Brand's old house, while Horace Brand, Michael's son and Rudolph's cousin, received word at his home next door, at No. 30. The Brand colony slowly dissipated after Rudolph's death, and although a large apartment building now sits on the site of Michael Brand's house, Rudolph and Horace's homes still stand as testament to a 158 year connection to Cedar Street and the Brand name.

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